We are located just outside of Kansas City in Lone Jack Missouri, near the site of the
1862 Civil War battlefield.

Battle of Lone Jack represents the impact of the deprivations and terror civilians
in the Border Counties endured during the Civil War.  
It was also immortalized in the movie True Grit as the place Rooster Cogburn lost his
Welcome to the Lone Jack Fiber Mill.  We offer fiber processing from
washing to roving. We process wool and alpaca blended with wool.   
We pride ourselves on taking special care of your fiber to ensure a
quality product
. for hand spinners
As fiber enthusiasts ourselves, we will do our very best to provide you with the
best finished product and the best service we possibly can
Lone Jack Fiber Mill
34007 E. Drinkwater Rd.
Lone Jack,Missouri

Lone Jack Fiber Mill
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Most Saturdays

If you are dropping off
fiber, please call before
coming out in case we
have decided to take a
break and go riding!

The Mill will be closed June 8th through June 18th.

Please note the new phone number
We would like to thank all the customers who have sent their fiber to us for

Please check our updates page for up to date information on the mill.