All orders must be paid in full before return delivery

We are sorry but our storage space is limited so any fiber not paid in full after 10 business days from
notification of completion will be charged a 15% (of total bill) storage fee.

Any fiber not paid for within 45 days will become the property of the Lone Jack Fiber Mill.  We know
that sometimes things happen out of our control, so if there are unusual circumstances that have kept
you from making the final payment, please call us. We will be happy to try to work something out.

If you pre-wash your fiber before sending it to us, we reserve the right to rewash it if it does not meet
our specifications.  The unwashed price will apply to any fiber that needs to be rewashed.

The quality of the end product depends on the quality of the fiber you send to us. Please skirt
carefully, if we need to re-skirt your fleece a special handling charge will apply.

If we deem a fleece too contaminated to process through our machinery we will return the fiber
unprocessed to you.

Any amount less than 1 pound will be charged as 1 pound.

50% deposit required on orders over 50 pounds.

Fiber may be dropped off at our mill or shipped to us using the method of your choice.  If you are
planning to bring the fiber to us, please call first so we will know when to expect you.